Kerakoll The Green Building is one of the world's largest chemical companies in the field of environmentally friendly construction industry. This company is the technology leader in the production of construction chemicals and dry mixes used for construction, repair and restoration, as well as for waterproofing and finishing works.
Major international subsidiaries of the Kerakoll Company produce professional installation systems; specialize in chemical products and solutions for the restoration of buildings on the principles of "Health and Environment Maintenance".

The product range of the company includes more than 500 items: various types of tile adhesives and grouts, self-levelling floor compounds, chemicals and construction emulsions, waterproofing materials, readymade building mixes, decorative plasters and thermal insulation systems, materials for reconstruction and dehydration. Factories and representative offices of the company are located in more than 150 places within 25 countries around the world.

Kerakoll mixes are mainly produced in Italy. The factory with more than 20 years of production experience has earned recognition in Europe thanks to the high quality of the manufactured mixes. 5 years ago, Kerakoll expanded its production and began to manufacture mixes in the western Poland to become more accessible for customers from Germany. Afterwards, the expensive Kerakoll mixes became more available in Russia as well.

The Kerakoll business approach is based on quality and environmental friendliness. After completing all the procedures on ECO efficiency of mixes, the sales in Europe rose by 5 times. Russian customers are only starting their acquaintance with these wonderful products from Kerakoll. The company's goal is to apply their academic knowledge into practice, to make our world safe and enjoyable for living. Environmental component for Kerakoll ECO is the main development direction of mixes and waterproofing materials.

The Inviktus Company is the largest official representative of Kerakoll The Green Building on the territory of the Russian Federation. We provide our clients with full range of supporting services, staring from the first contact with our representative and finishing with the facility commissioning and/or visit of a technician being the representative of the Kerakoll The Green Building factory.

The Inviktus Company is the largest seller of products under the Kerakoll trading mark along the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

Following the results of the year 2013, the Inviktus Company has become the largest seller of the liquid ceramic product Fugalite Eco along the territory of the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe.

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