For Customers

Who do you mean to us?

  • Businessmen, moving ahead of time;
  • Entrepreneurs, who value their time, working efforts and the right approach;
  • People open for acquiring new construction skills and implementing innovations, and those who know how to convert the gain knowledge into money;
  • Professionals confident in their future, as we always offer you specialties and provide high marginality of products;
  • Innovators in business;
  • People with flexible approaches to economic issues;
  • Those who make clear, technologically correct decisions within the construction sector;
  • Modern leaders who are never stubborn and bullet-headed, but always diplomatically loyal and capable of team playing.


We provide you with the following advantages:

  • Regular and progressive income;
  • Current information on stock reserves;
  • Delivery status of goods;
  • Consulting and informational support ensured by certified technicians from production factories;
  • Possibility of staff training and presentation arrangement;
  • Advertising support;
  • Expansion of productive relations.


Inviktus Group Unites the Best Customers!

Uniting the Best!