FILA is an Italian Group of Companies that develops and manufactures products for the protection and care of surfaces made of terracotta, marble, natural stone, porcelain, and wood.

Representative offices of FILA are located worldwide. FILA is also the only company recommended by 120 major international manufacturers of flooring. We have established strong partnership relations with these manufactures and the network of qualified specialists, which enables us to constantly remain close to our customers in order to prevent and solve problems in all types of emergencies.



The FILA product line includes cleaning and water-repellent agents, spot removers, oils, and waxes. We can offer a full range of certified products designed for the specialists in professional treatment, as well as for the end-users, who are not necessarily to be experts in the field of "do-it-yourself", which becomes possible due to the FILA products’ effectiveness and ease of use.

All the products are made in Italy. The FILA Group history extends back over 70 years, which enables manufacturing of high-tech and eco-friendly products for tile and stone care, as well as professional substances for cleaning all types of surfaces.


The Inviktus Company is the largest official representative of FILA in the territory of the Russian Federation. We provide our clients with full range of supporting services, staring from the first contact with our representative and finishing with the facility commissioning and/or visit of a technician. All our managers have been trained and certified at the FILA production factory in Italy, which also gives us reason to believe that every customer is surely to receive comprehensive technical consulting services.


You can find the products full information and catalogue on our website