The modern and successfully developing ORRO MOSAIC Company specializes in the production and distribution of mosaic made of glass, natural stone, and metal since 2002.

ORRO MOSAIC combines all the best and most demandable in the field of mosaic production.

Thanks to a huge range of colours, textures and sizes, the possibility of manufacturing decor, art panels, stretch marks, mixes, the ORRO MOSAIC products are used in various interiors, architectural elements, pools, saunas and other objects of any complexity.

Mosaic collections from ORRO MOSAIC will make any interior of residential home or office, bar or restaurant truly unique and full of lively energy. Designers from ORRO MOSAIC follow the latest trends in contemporary design; create new collections of marble, Venetian glass, vitreous sand, and metal; and have rich experience and high artistic taste.


LUXOR is the factory of designer glass mosaic and glass tiles.

Authors manually develop all the sketches for future collections and later transfer them to the manufacturing process after the strict monitoring of exclusiveness and uniqueness of shades, patterns, and ideas. Thus, designers of the factory provide the opportunity to realize any creative idea. 


For implementation of more individual designs, the LUXOR Company also develops and presents exclusive decorative glass borders in order to create a complete perception of the interior.