For Suppliers

Our Suppliers:

  • Dynamically developing manufactures who are constantly improving their products;
  • Factories producing only the high-tech, modern, and high-quality products;
  • The largest manufacturers who experience worldwide recognition within the construction market;
  • Production leaders who obtain guarantees of dynamic development and brand awareness in the market of Russia;
  • The companies that choose a single partner within the territory of the Russian Federation, who will benefit them with annual meeting the requirements of sales volumes and in-time payments;
  • Business partners that always offer the best possible terms and conditions, as they understand the vast geography of the Inviktus Groupís working coverage;
  • Factories Interested in providing maximum technological support to their customers. 



Inviktus Group has an extensive experience in promotion of new products in the construction market.

We Unite the best Suppliers!

Uniting the Best!