About Our Company

The INVIKTUS GROUP Company was founded in 2008.

During this short period of time the Company achieved great success in many business lines and chose its development strategy. Currently we are considered to be a reliable partner by many manufacturers including for those who previously experienced difficulties in coming into the market of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

For suppliers we provide marketing channels with as much as 1500 retail outlets.

At our customers’ disposal:
High quality products;
Technical consulting;
Convenience and workability.

The main criterion for employee selection in
INVIKTUS GROUP – is their ability to provide our existing customers and partners with the best solutions according to the current market situation, as well as to develop themselves together with the Company without infringing upon the interests of our partners.

For 7 years we have covered the area from the Far East to Moscow. Due to the working dynamics and the right approach, our client group has already reached 5,000 customers. The leading architects and designers of Russia and Moscow in particular, as well as their Western counterparts and representatives of foreign media once and again express their highest appraisal to the proper operation and well-defined execution of given task

INVIKTUS GROUP helps manufacturers to win their own niche within the market, to increase brand loyalty, and to consolidate their positions.
INVIKTUS GROUP – is represented by its authorized agents in Moscow and the Central Region, in the Far East, Siberia, and the Urals, who occupy leading positions in the construction markets.
The INVIKTUS GROUP's – main approach demonstrates a wide range of commercial proposals in the form of solutions, package selling of materials, individual selection, and optimization of orders.